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Braiden - X Years in London OST

Braiden returns to Off Out for his first long format release - the official soundtrack to the X Years In London film directed by Joe Ridout for Real Gold. His first film soundtrack draws on the club sound cultivated throughout his years as a DJ, taken into new tempos and sound palettes, as the soundtrack visits cold breathy synthscapes, pacey drum workouts and ethereal bell pathways. In his own words:

"The brief set to me for this film by Real Gold felt like a natural commission: a film talking about the city of London, nightlife and how these influence ideas and creativity. My work as a music producer and DJ is naturally inspired by this environment I grew up in, and to this day is one I still feel excited to live in despite its difficulties.

Musically my approach was to capture the often electric vibe I feel in London, whilst exploring it’s eclecticism, grittiness, juxtapositions and the emotive complexities I experience from it daily. The idea of a journey through the city, with occasional stylistic nods to certain genres birthed here. The intention was to provide an emotive and supportive sound bed for the film, whilst also creating an engaging soundtrack to exist independently."

X Years in London OST is released on transparent blue cassette with gold spray painted edges, housed in a plastic case with 3 panel fold out inlay. Designed by Braiden using imagery from the film by Joe Ridout.

Available now at http://braiden.bandcamp.com


Chapter 1 - Revenant
Chapter 2 - Spark Gap
Chapter 3 - Sundry
Chapter 4 - Rapid Response
Chapter 5 - Wisteria
Chapter 6 - Substrate/Reprise

Mastered by Sam Annand and Bo Kondren (Calyx Mastering)




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