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Order Chunyin's Code Switch EP on vinyl at Juno, Phonica, Redeye, Disco Piu (IT), Freestyle (JP), Crosstalk (US), HHV (DE), Deejay (DE).

Also available digitally at Boomkat, Beatport, and most major digital stores.

Chunyin - Code Switch EP - o\o003

A1 - Fei
B1 - Emporium
B2 - Shi


The third instalment of Braiden’s Off Out label arrives via Chunyin, a new dancefloor orientated project by Hong Kong born, Sydney based artist, singer and producer Rainbow Chan. In her own words:

"If I had to explain the birth of Chunyin, it was a response to wanting to make more instrumental, gender-neutral tracks that didn't have my face or emotions at the forefront. I wanted to make tracks via a disinterested and icy approach, and transfer the energy I would normally pour into emotional catharsis to something that was bodily, visceral and brutal. With a focus on frenetic, jacking rhythms and choppy samples, I wanted to make dance music that was quite rudimentary. I feel like these tracks are still personal; they reflect themes or sounds that are my personal interests, but without the confines of lyrics or words (which is something fairly new to me given my background as predominately a songwriter.)"

The lead track of this release, "Fei", was the genesis of this project, created as she started to explore the world of murky dancefloor music. The track delivers a raw, punky attitude with a nod to minimal wave, littered with warped organic sounds and samples of Hong Kong new wave cinema.

Following this is "Emporium", a relentless jacking dancefloor number, syncopated groove laden drums married with airy atmospherics. "Shi" closes this EP with a unique and brooding techno inspired track that rolls yet feels as though it's perpetually falling apart at the seams.

Vinyl comes with screenprinted and Chinese seal hand-stamped artwork designed by Braiden, illustrated by Chunyin.

Released via Off Out 12th September 2016 on 12“ vinyl and digital.

Mastered at Optimum mastering.

Distributed by Juno.




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